Widow Handbag: A 'Seductive Fetish Fashion Object'

You might attract some attention carrying this handbag, but It may not be consistent with the kind of attention that the design's name, 'Widow' might suggest.

Irony is not foreign to Peter Jakubik, a Slovakian lifestyle and product designer with a wry creative touch. The voluptuous shoe handbag would hardly evoke sympathy... especially from a foot fetishist.

Dare I be inclined to comment further on the sensuality of this handbag, I might write that if you are not so drawn to feet, there is a strong suggestion of a large breast on the other 'bottom' of the bag.


Widow leather handbag: © Peter JakubikWidow leather handbag: © Peter Jakubik


A heel on a handbag... Widow by Peter Jakubik: © Peter JakubikA heel on a handbag... Widow by Peter Jakubik: © Peter Jakubik


Widow makes a talk and thought-provoking center piece; it definitely needs a pedestal though.


Fashion accessory or funiture accessory?: © Peter JakubikFashion accessory or funiture accessory?: © Peter Jakubik

Exceptionally fine mahogany cowhide was used to make the Widow and it was molded by hand.  Whether it's a widow's 'light in the window,' or a Freudian sex symbol, the Widow is a provocative and perfect piece of art.

Peter Jakubik Design via New Inventions