Wi-Drive: Eco-Chic Transportation Service For Executive Commuters

As businesses work to bring more environmentally friendly alternatives to their operations, there's a necessity to reconsider traditional options to cater to a more elite crowd. While the average commuter might have no problem with taking public transportation by way of a city bus, commuter train or subway; it takes a little bit more persuasion to convince some executives to give up the comfort of their Mercedes for the more eco-friendly alternative. Following of a new San Francisco law that requires companies with 20 employees or more to offer incentives to encourage employees to choose ride-sharing programs or other forms of shared transportation; Wi-Drive, an eco-chic transportation option for business executives has been created.

Standard public transportation options may encourage commuters to lessen their environmental impact, but it doesn't offer the chic perks and luxuries that top business executives may have grown accustomed to. Wi-Drive, which has partnered with pre-tax transportation programs like Commuter Checks and WageWorks, provides commuters with luxuries typically only found in the first-class section of an airplane, rather than on a commuter bus. Commuters who travel around on Wi-Drive's weekday schedule that operates trips through Marin County, San Francisco and San Jose are treated to in-transit food and beverage service, WIFI LCD screens, ports for phones and iPods, and work tables at each plush leatherette seat.


Naturally, Wi-Drive's eco-chic commuter buses do come with a luxury-sized price tag at $8.20 per trip each way, but compared to the environmental impact, it's worthwhile for company executives to pay the ticket price and leave their Mercedes parked at home.

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May 18, 2009
by Anonymous

Expand this worldwide

Other Markets:

Luxury TransCon Bus Service.
VIP Luxury Bus Service to say Movie debuts, shows, concerts
Group Use
For bachelor etc Parties
Playboy use?
(Girls Next Door).
Amphicoach: make Luxury amphib Bus model.

Id pay say 200.00 for Luxury Bus ride to say No CA
(depending on stops enroute)

& having said Bus offer:

Microwave dinners
Reading area
Seatback Flat Panel screen
DVD Player
Massage chair in chair
reading lamps
gryo stabalize shock system
Cel Phone chargers.
IPod chargers

Be real fun to ride the Bus again.

& serve Fine Wines, Liquors, water.