WiFi Bathroom Scale Broadcasts Your Weight, Ruins Your Life

What's the worst possible gift a man can give to a woman? Vacuum cleaners, flannel lingerie and Jenny Craig gift certificates come to mind, but all of those pale in comparison to a bathroom scale that wirelessly broadcasts your weight... and guess what? It's now available. 

The WiFi Body Scale from Covia Networks has built-in wireless LAN adapters that send crucial (and very personal) weight, BMI and body fat percentage info to your computer, iPhone or iPad.

From there, you can set up your Twitter account because, as Covia suggests, "it will be fun to share with friends." My wife suggests that Covia keep the scale and send us whatever they're smoking.

Of course, if you're one of those rare specimens whose ripped & chiseled image can be found on fitness club brochures - and have never been seen inside a fitness club - I can see the WiFi Body Scale being somewhat useful, if only to torment your chubbier friends.

The software features a "dashboard" with some nifty graphs that allow you to view your changing weight, BMI and general level of fitness over time.



You can also set up as many as 8 separate profiles so that you can monitor other family members' weight - teenage daughters, welcome to your worst nightmare.

The WiFi Body Scale from Covia Networks costs 17,800 yen (about $198) and is styled to match most modern decor schemes. If you're one of those types who tweet at the drop of a hat, you'll love it: now you can tweet at the drop of a pound! (via Impress Watch) (See Wifi Body Scale)

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