Wii Bowling Ball


Making a owning a bowling ball cool is an extremely difficult venture. There's something so unnecessary and over-the-top about carrying that pristine ball with your initials on it in that fancy leather bag to a smoke-filled alley where you plan to drink $4 pitchers of watered-down light beer with your fat, degenerate buddies. I mean, do you really need your own special ball for that or could you just go ahead and use the stock alley balls like the rest of us?

Bowling video games are arguably far lamer than bowling in the alley ever will be so I'm not too sure that this Wii ball actually has made the personal bowling ball any cooler. But, at least you use it in the privacy of your own living room, so there's no parading it around like it's your proudest possession.

The Wii ball opens to allow you to place your Wiimote inside. Then, place your fingers in the holes like you would a real bowling ball and get ready to bowl. The wrist strap prevents the ball from flying out of your hand and into the television screen, which could possibly be the most exciting part of your bowling experience. So leave it off if you want to keep your options open. The peripheral works with a variety of bowling games that require the use of the Wiimote such as World Lanes AMF Bowling. (UPDATE: This is now available on Amazon.)

Sources: Ubergizmo and CTA Digital


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Jun 25, 2009
by Anonymous

Chris Weiss

InventorSpot-"Serious fun for the inventor in all of us"

This guy obvious doesn't understand what "fun" means.

If you don't like bowling then why in the world are you reviewing a bowling ball device?

I'm guessing your boss is forceing you to do this article to find a reason to keep you employed, but after reading this I wouldn't bother, your not worth the writing space.