Wii Fly Robot? We'd Love To

From designer Florence Boob comes the Wii Fly robot concept - an airborne automaton that will let you play games on the go.

The Wii was a massive sensation at its release and is still trending strongly thanks to a strong suite of games and the fact that the controls are intuitive rather than overly complicated. Children, parents and grandparents alike have enjoyed the thrills of Wii bowling and the dangers of thrown Wii remotes, and now designer Florence Boob sees what she thinks will be the future of the Wii.

Potentially humorous name aside (we have more integrity than that - slightly) the Wii Fly robot is an interesting concept piece. Florence's idea is a sleek-winging robot with a rotor blade that will let it fly and follow the holder of the Wii Fly remote. This remote is intended to be a sphere that will have a number of motion controls on it, allowing a user to direct the flight of the Fly.

But that's not all!

In addition to being a flying follower, the Wii Fly will also be able to project an interactive video image on any flat surface, one that allows the user to play video games using the round Wiimote controller.

Wii Fly: a new way to play.Wii Fly: a new way to play. 

We'd imagine that the games would have to be fairly simplistic and more of a "point and shoot" nature and while the idea of an airborne assistant are interesting, we're not sure this has a place in the Wii cadre of items.

Not only does the design seem cumbersome - holding the fly steady enough to play a game while using its own stabilization controller to play it might be difficult - this would likely be an expensive and power-hungry endeavor, and we're not sure users would be willing to pay the cost or put up with a short battery life.

Still, we have to admire Florence's effort - every great product can use a great follow-up and even if the Wii doesn't Fly, Florence and designers like her are on track with ideas like these.

Source: Yanko


Mar 4, 2011
by Anonymous


Thanks for this article but maybe you can avoid to call me "Boob" but Florence instead...a little bit of respect please.Thank you.