Wii Louisville Slugger Gets You Swinging For the Fences

Baseball season is winding down, and unless you're a fan of one of the eight teams that will make it into the postseason, your season is over this week. If you're looking for a way to continue your love of baseball into the winter, look no further than this licensed Louisville Slugger for your Nintendo Wii. The foam bat securely holds your Wii mote and allows you to step up to the plate in games like Major League Baseball 2K9.


Like a Wii football, the Wii Louisville Slugger is probably quite a danger to lamps, potted plants and small animals, but it certainly adds a new dimension to baseball gaming. If you can figure out how to adeptly use the Wii mote inside, you could probably extend use to all forms of fighting games that require you to swing a bat or club at your opponent. 

The Wii Mote is available for $14.99, so even if you don't play baseball video games that often, it's a cheap investment.(Buy here)

Toys R Us via Dvice 

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