Wii Rumors: The Price Cut And The Coming Of The Wii 2

The gaming world is abuzz with rumors about the impending price reduction of the Nintendo Wii. The past few months have been marked with sluggish sales for the gaming console that sold like hotcakes when it was first released. Normally priced at $199.99, it might be lowered down to $150 by May 15th.

So if you've been wanting to get a Wii for a long time now then it might be wise to wait it out a little bit more. Of course the price cut could just be what we said it was: a rumor. But who knows? You might end up keeping that fifty bucks in your pocket.

The folks over at Engadget think that having the price of the Wii reduced about a month before the 2011 Electronics Entertainment Expo is suspect and might lead to some big news from Nintendo during the show. Perhaps the Wii 2? Of course everything is purely just speculation right now.

Time will tell. Let the countdown begin.

Source: Engadget


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