WikiLeaks Introduces PlusD Search


WikiLeaks is well known for its controversial part in releasing confidential documents, including the diplomatic cables from US diplomats among others. Regardless of which side you are on, whether you believe that these things should be public, or that secrets should be kept from the common folks, the technological requirements to deal with such a massive amount of documents is quite incredible. The Cablegate release dealt with over 251,287 documents, but this was just the start. Now, WikiLeaks has released a comprehensive archive of the Kissinger Cables, documents from 1973 to 1976 covering significant communications between the US and fascist dictatorships, including those in Latin America, Spain and Greece under the rule of the Colonels. These cables have over 1.7 million files.

But the group has also released yet another tool in order to make these cables more useful. They call it the Public Library of US Diplomacy, or PlusD. This is a full text search engine that can over both the Cablegate release and the Kissinger Cables, named that way because of US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. By going there, anyone can look through these documents and do searches, analysis, and more. The page also provides stats and graphs, including a customizable timeline and map. No longer will these cables be released a few at a time, now the whole Internet can dig through the files and do comprehensive searches through the leaked documents. This might be a good reminder that whatever is private now, may not always be that way.