Wikirank Lets You Keep Track of Wikipedia Trends

As a blog reader, surely you know about the significance of using Wikipedia links.  The user-generated information resource has become a staple of online research, and sometimes reading Wiki articles is just plain fun.  Wikirank is a new service that displays all of the current trends on Wikipedia, such as most viewed pages of the month, trending topics, and lets you search throughout them to get all the info you need.

The site's start page is nice and inviting, and features this lovely graph of which member of The Beatles is the most popular on Wikipedia.  Your eye is guided down the top 10 articles in the past 30 days.  You can click any of these and get a nice graph of the article's popularity, along if a short description.  What's really great is you can actually embed any graph from any article, which makes your posts all the more interesting.

Even more useful, though, is the site's ability to link your search on other sites.  Currently, you can continue your search on Google News, Twitter, and The New York Times website.  Comparing sources on the same subject strengthens any material you might originally find on Wikipedia, since any entry on Wikipedia can be edited by any other user, a fact that makes some information on the site unreliable.

Wikirank has a surprising amount of  functionality for such a simple concept.  This is a valuable tool for anyone doing research, and especially for bloggers.  You can expect this service to get much more popular if it gets the right exposure, and hopefully there will be some improvements as the site evolves.  We'd like to see some more graphical content, and possibly the ability to customize the embeddable graphs and their design.  For now, though, this is a great start.  Go give it a try, and tell everyone what you think in the comments below.