WikiReader Portable Wikipedia Viewer Provides Knowledge On The Go

The WikiReader made its debut at the 2010 CES show, and since then the portable knowledge base has proven to be a boon for tourists and travelers who want to know all there is to know about where they are at any time. Look at it this way: GPS tells you where you are; WikiReader tells you what's there. Now BlueDot has announced the release of a Japanese version of WikiReader on July 21st, with an expected price of 13,000 yen or about $150.

The 4-inch (10cm) square rounded design of the BWR-01 WikiReader is less than an inch (20mm) thick, runs on two type AAA batteries, and features a white casing made from tough ABS plastic. The monochrome 240 × 208 pixel LCD screen is designed to be easily visible outdoors and has something of the look of a smaller Kindle or Nook e-reader.

Operation of the WikiReader couldn't be simpler: the device has just three buttons (Search, History, Random) and most navigation is done via the 3.6-inch touchscreen. Inside, approximately 400 million standard posts are stored on a 8 GB micro SDHC card (included) and updates are provided 4 times per year via direct connection to your PC or laptop computer.

WikiReader offers a number of helpful operating features including a "last viewed article" function and a list of your browsing History. Translation is provided across 3 languages (English, Chinese and Japanese). Last but not least, WikiReader includes optional Parental Filters that are password protected. (via @Press)