Finland's Wildflowers Inspire Ethereal Jewelry Collection

 Designer, Chao-Hsien Kuo lives in Finland but is a native Taiwanese born in 1973. She works with her spouse in her studio in Lahti. Inspiration for her unique jewelry creations evolves from studying nature, particularly the colorful plants and flowers indigenous to the region. Her designs refllect the Nordic lifestyle and focus on the relationship between humans and the natural landscape.


Nature Inspired Jewelery Necklace: Source: Ilro Muttilainen-DesignMilkNature Inspired Jewelery Necklace: Source: Ilro Muttilainen-DesignMilk


In her own words: "My jewelry reflects my love and passion for nature. I want to create jewelry which will express the depth of its becoming without too much being said, and to spark some emotions from the wearers and viewers. For me, it is evident that a piece of jewelry not only should be able to live on its own, but also to add an accent to the wearer."

Kuo and Lapponia  goldsmiths

Lapponia jewelers have been in business for more than 50 years and Kuo has been working for them since 2006. Her pieces render a bolder and edger aspect to the company's well-known delicate and feminine look. She combines fine lines using silver, which is her favorite metal because it makes it possible to simulate a nearly snowy white illusion on the jewelry's surface.


Necklace -Front View: Source: Ilro Muttilainen for Design MilkNecklace -Front View: Source: Ilro Muttilainen for Design Milk


Her jewelry collection

Chao's jewelry is a perfect blend of hand-crafted work and traditional techniques. Her secret lies in hammering silver via anticlastic forming, an arduous process that takes years to master in which pliers are used to create a ribbon shape. She often attaches 24k gold foil on top of silver jewelry to further play with the reflection of light. Each and every piece of jewelry is one-of-a-kind and can never be duplicated.


 The inspiration for her incredible collection is fireweed, a tall annual palnt with leaves that are mostly whorled and tall purple-pink flowers and four petals that are often notched. The fruit of the plant is embedded with seeds which the Nordic winds help to germinate. Fireweed is  bold, wild and free,  just like the  jewelry its presence has inspired.


Fireweed: Source: Taiwanfinn.blogspotFireweed: Source: Taiwanfinn.blogspot


The future of Chao's nature-inspired jewelry


This young designer has inspired a naturalist's view of the world and her art reflects the beauty that surrounds us all if we would just take the time to look. To complement the user as well as to be a standalone piece is her goal for any piece of jewelry she creates. Fine jewelry will always reflect the painstaking craftsmanship that has become a trademark for all of Chao's creations.


Closing thoughts on jewelry:

Jewelry is something that has to do with emotions. That aspect really interests me. ~ Ann Demeulemeester

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