Will Gest Kill The Keyboard And Mouse?

If a keyboard and mouse doesn’t make sense for you anymore, well then it’s time for you to get your hands dirty… well, sort of.  

A team of inventors in Austin, Texas, have developed a wearable device that lets you control your computer or mobile device with your very own hands.

Apotact Labs are the developers of Gest (short for ‘gesture’). The technology offers a new way of working with your computer and their invention just might spell the end of the keyboard and mouse.

Mike Pfister, the co-founder and CEO of Apotact Labs, is the brainchild behind this clever invention.

So, what inspired him to create Gest?

“The keyboard and mouse are starting to make less sense as our devices get smaller," says Pfister “We need a fundamentally new input method to control these devices—something that gets back to the basics as how we interact as humans. That’s why we created Gest.” (1)

Work With Your Hands

This wearable technology, which is slick in design and light and comfortable, lets you work with your hands in a more intuitive way.

Conforming to your hand size, Gest knows your hand and finger positions with an amazingly high degree of precision.

In no time, Gest will learn your hand gestures, like how you point, swipe, flick and grab. In order to provide definitive precision and accuracy the technology closely follows your own custom gestures.

Will Gest Kill The Keyboard And Mouse?Will Gest Kill The Keyboard And Mouse?

Each hand device is equipped with 15 discrete sensors, so it captures your movements in real time. Its finger tracking technology is low latency – 40 to 60ms – which provides pure accuracy with gestures of each hand.

With Gest you can switch between apps on your smartphone just by slightly moving your finger, and you can point at your computer screen in order to move your cursor around. You can also twist your hand to navigate through Photoshop, and you can move a 3D object by grabbing it while moving your hand.

Gest was originally developed from the frustration people have with typing on small devices and keyboards. If you can type without looking at your keyboard, then you will be able to type through its “air-typing” functionality feature.

Even better is that your computer and smartphone can be programmed to follow your custom gestures. All you need to do is perform a movement with each hand and click to save the action.

Gest Fits Like a Glove

In order to use Gest, all you need to do is slide it on each hand. Small light clamps go over the top of each finger and each clamp has wire that is fed back into the main hub of the device. Gest is small and light and you won’t even notice wearing it.

Its Bluetooth low energy feature allows you to connect Gest to all your devices, so you can use it wherever you are. Its smart LED lets you know when you are connected and what interaction mode you are in. Gest also has a rechargeable battery that will last a 9 to 5 shift at work (8 hours), and its Micro USB makes charging up a breeze.

Is Gest a first-of-its-kind invention that you wear on your hands? No, there are other similar devices already on the market. However, what makes Gest stand out from the pack is that it is more versatile, practical and personal.

Gest retails for $200.00 (USD) per hand.

Will this new technology really replace the keyboard and mouse in the near future?

1) The Daily Dot: October 29, 2015