Will the LavNav Keep Me From Peeing On the Seat? - Product Review

The LavNavThe LavNav

I'm getting up there in age, and there are times when I have to climb out of bed in the pitch darkness, stumble across the hall to the bathroom, and urinate.  I actually prefer to use one of these phrases for the act:

Drain the lizard
Shake the dew off the lily
See a man about a horse
Go to the rental return station
See a dude about a thing
Bargain with my prostate
Or there's just plain ol' "pee."

Whatever you want to call it, it's an annoyance made even worse by the fact that you're dealing with complete darkness.  If we were mole people (like the homeless living in New York City's underground tunnels), we wouldn't have a problem seeing the status of the toilet lid.

Then there's the God's Spotlight that punches you in the face when you turn on the lights.  Half-asleep zombie to cursing-like-a-pirate wide-awake a**hole with the flick of a switch.

But at least you can see the toilet.

Which brings me to the LavNav-or Lavatory Navigation Nightlight.

The LavNav in it's plastic cocoon.The LavNav in it's plastic cocoon.

What you have here is a motion-activated nightlight that attaches to your toilet.  Sounds like a solution to the God's Spotlight issue addressed above.

But how do I test something like this...?

With InventorSpot being a PG to PG-13 rated web site, I had to figure out a way to show the use of the LavNav without wandering into fetish pornographic material.  It amazes me, the stuff that gets people hot and bothered...  After much consideration, I decided to bring in a colleague:

Sir Lambs-a-lot: Yes, I know he's fake.  But it's better than looking at me sitting on the toilet, right?Sir Lambs-a-lot: Yes, I know he's fake. But it's better than looking at me sitting on the toilet, right?

This is Sir Lambs-a-lot.  Don't ask why he has a giant mustache, nor why he wears a tiny sombrero.  He just does.

From what I can gather (he's a bit difficult to understand, as his vocabulary consists of varying degrees of the word "Meh"), he has a tendency to fall into the toilet when trying to perform his evening activities.  Apparently he can't tell when the seat is up or down due to bad night vision.

The first thing we noticed was how easy the LavNav was to install.  It took us longer to get it out of the package than it did to mount the device and install the batteries.

 Holy Crap!  This stuff is sticky!Holy Crap! This stuff is sticky!

The LavNav sticks to the toilet lid with insanely strong tape.  I suspect that this will be impossible to remove from the toilet without a knife.

Once it's stuck on the lid, simply slide the top plate aside and install your batteries.  Then close and allow the LavNav at least 2 minutes for the sensors to adjust themselves.

 Batteries go here--very quick and easy.Batteries go here--very quick and easy.


What's cool is that the LavNav only lights up when it's dark-and only when it detects someone near the toilet.  Even better is that it lights up differently depending on whether the toilet seat is up or down.

This is easily accomplished due to the placement of the LavNav on the lid.  When the seat is up it covers the sensor that controls the green light-so the red light turns on.


Green means the seat is downGreen means the seat is down









Red means the seat is upRed means the seat is up










At least that's what it was supposed to do.  We had to put it to the test.

So with sleepy eyes and a prepared LavNav, Sir Lambs-a-lot and I hit the hay.  He ate some of it first, of course.  I've been trying to put him on a diet.  He's been trying to get me to cut down on the beer.  It's a stalemate.

Apparently the hay didn't agree with him.  Being the consummate professional that he is, Sir Lambs-a-lot remembered to document the LavNav during his gastronomical distress.

LavNav Lamb-Cam Shot # 1: The lid is up.LavNav Lamb-Cam Shot # 1: The lid is up.


LavNav Lamb-Cam Shot # 2: The lid is down.  Note that Sir Lambs-a-lot has not fallen into the toilet.LavNav Lamb-Cam Shot # 2: The lid is down. Note that Sir Lambs-a-lot has not fallen into the toilet.

About an hour later, I too experienced the efficacy of the LavNav.  My eyes weren't blinded, and my Whizzle flew true.

Both Sir Lambs-a-lot and I agree-the LavNav is an excellent device!  It performs exactly the way it is supposed to, providing enough light to see what's going on without blasting your eyes out of their sockets!

You can get the LavNav at  Amazon!

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