Wilshire Gun Range: First Business To Combine Shooting With Serving Alcohol

If we've learned anything, it's that the best businesses don't always have to be the most innovative or out of this world concepts. Sometimes, taking a familiar concept that already has mainstream success, and putting a unique spin on it is exactly how some of the best businesses come to be. Other times, businesses take this approach, but get it all wrong.

Wilshire Gun RangeWilshire Gun Range

Whether the Wilshire Gun Range in Oklahoma falls into the former category or the latter is subjective, as they've made a highly controversial business decision that people will either love or hate. They're the first shooting range to get a liquor license, indicating there's clearly appeal in shooting and drinking whether it's a smart combination or not.

Fortunately, there are laws in place that dictate how the Wilshire Gun Range has to handle operations, so patrons won't get to pretend they're Nick Cage in "Drive Angry" and start shooting things up between swings of the beer residing in their non-gun hand. Liquor and firearms don't mix, at least not under the law.

Wilshire Range LanesWilshire Range Lanes

According to the facility's operators, there are two distinct parts of the building. One is a shooting range, the other is a restaurant that is licensed to serve alcohol - and at no point shall the two parts of the business meet. That's because anytime a patron orders a drink, their driver's license is taken and their information is recorded into the system. Anyone that's already had a drink at the Wilshire's bar doesn't get access to the guns for the rest of the day. Of course, in order to gain access to the gun range, ID must be presented.

So, overall this niche business just isn't as dumb as it sounds - in fact, it's probably genius as it will now monopolize on all the controversy.

Via: Global News