In Win H-Tower PC Case Transforms Open At A Button Press


In Win's H-Tower is very much a concept design, and likely won't ever be made for sale, but its main gimmick might make you wish that wasn't true. It already cuts an imposing figure, with its brushed aluminum panels and angular paint job, but when you need to get to or install your hardware, simply press a button on the side, and... the thing transform. Mechanized arms flare out the panels, and the motherboard tray flips around for easy access. It's very nearly like something from a Transformers film, and it's way cool-looking. There's even configurable LED lighting, with colors adjustable through a smartphone app.



Stuff like this usually has loads of sacrifices involved, but that actually isn't entirely true for the H-Tower. Big E-ATX boards are supported, along with 340mm-long videocards, 230mm-long ATX PSUs, and a 360mm radiator. There's only room for a single 3.5" drive, though, plus four SSDs.

In any case, In Win used the H-Tower as its showpiece for this year's Computex, and that's probably all the general public will get of it. Even if it did hit retail, you can bet it'd be horribly expensive. At 51 lbs, even the shipping would be.