Win $1,000 Via Xbox One Wireless Controller Design Contest!

The Xbox One, Microsoft’s latest videogame console, launched on November 22nd, and with brilliant titles like Killer Instinct, Zoo Tycoon and Loco Cycle, the system has been a hit worldwide. The Xbox team is hoping to reward someone’s creativity with a $1,000 cash prize for reimagining the appearance of the Xbox One’s controller.



It’s no secret that I’m a certified Microsoft junkie and Xbox fan, so I’m thrilled to see the Xbox team look to their huge community for visually impressive controller skin ideas. Your mission is to use the included template for the Xbox One controller, redecorate it with something brilliant and upload it to the contest page by clicking here. The grand prize winner earns a $1,000 gift card, five wireless controllers and a chance at having your design mass produced so everyone can literally get their hands on it. Other notable winners include the $750 People’s Choice Prize, which is the design that earns the most community votes, nine $500 First Prize winners and a special “Best Use of Microsoft's Fresh Paint app Award,” which Windows 8 users can download here.



You’ve got until December 31st, 2013 to enter up to three designs into the contest, and starting on January 13th through the 27th, the greater Xbox community will have a chance to vote on their favorites. Does anyone remember those Halo 3 Xbox 360 controllers? I’ve rocked my limited edition Covenant controller for years, and I’m excited to see what artist and designer Xbox fans are going to bring to the next generation! Click here to enter your designs into the Xbox One Wireless Controller Design Contest, and good luck!

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