Win $2,000 From The 500 Group Supercar Body Challenge 2013!

Attention Gearheads, Grease Monkeys and Armchair Designers! It’s once again time for GrabCAD and the 500 Group to team up to find the best car body design for their latest 1000+hp twin turbo roadster, and they’re ready to pay thousands for a car shape that’s going to shred Germany’s Nurburgring!




If you’re an automotive designer who’s been looking for their big break on the global scale, helping the 500 Group to produce an aggressive, beautiful beast of a streetcar that will break some speed records while looking awesome is your ticket to greatness. The “catch” is that you’ll be designing two cars: One that will be the timeless badass streetcar, and the other will allow your imagination to go wild with colors, wings and its overall shape for car fanatics to drool over. As you’d expect, there is an immense list of special design rules to adhere to when you’re creating a car intended to safely speed over 200mph, so you’ll definitely want to carefully read over all of the specifications for this challenge. With $2,000 on the line for the 1st place winner, ($1,000 goes to 2nd, and $500 goes to the 3rd and 4th place winners), you’d be nuts not to pour over every fine detail of your designs!




Between the cash, international fame and the inevitable kick start to your career as an auto designer, there’s no reason not to add your design expertise into the mix. You only have until January 13th, 2014 to submit your designs, so get those wheels turning and click here to enter The 500 Group Supercar Body Challenge 2013. Good luck, race fans!