"Wind Turbines To The Rescue!" Says Seth


After watching the Live Earth concert this past weekend I've been inspired to jump on the going-green-bandwagon. This morning I was even more aware of how much water I used as I got ready for work. Continuing my eco-friendly habits, I decided to feature in today's blog the new V90-3MW wind turbines by Vestas that promise to make a huge difference in the energy crisis if the world population actually realizes the value of wind energy. Not only that, but the website is really cool, too!









This is one of those really cool ideas that is backed by a really cool website: great design, smooth interface and those small but effective characteristics that really make it stand out. For instance, I love that when the page loads it measures its progress in kilowatt-hours (wind energy, basically) instead of a number precentage—innovative ideas for an innovative way to create reusable energy. And that really is the what ultimately drew me to the site, the purpose behind it. I mean, come on people, we really do need to start doing something about the way we treat this planet we live on. You've all heard the arguments so I don't need to be repetitive, but wind energy is such a simple concept and very very effecitve as the Vesta website demonstrates with all its information. So there are my two cents on that. Hopefully sites like this will draw you in, show you something cool and then inspire you do something.

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Jul 10, 2007
by Tim (not verified)

I fail to see why this is worthy to be mentioned

Just one of many windturbine company. Sound like ads

Jul 10, 2007
by Seth Plattner

I mentioned it becaue I

I mentioned it becaue I enjoyed the website intially, and the fact that it coincided with a wind turbine company just gave me another subject (i.e. global awareness) to mention and happily promote.