Window Decals With Kamikaze Birds In Mind

Window Alert Decals: Help stop birds from crashing into clean windowsWindow Alert Decals: Help stop birds from crashing into clean windows


So, you like to keep your windows so sparkling clean that even Martha Stewart would admire them. There’s nothing wrong with that, unless you live in an area heavily populated with birds. Somehow, the combination of the two doesn’t always seem to end well for the beautiful, awe-inspiring creatures that take flight around us. That’s because often times they end up flying smack dab into those squeaky clean panes of glass you’ve so lovingly polished to an admirable shine.

Bird Watching

Besides all that elbow grease being for not, the poor little songbirds that kamikaze into them usually don’t make it. Sure, a few of them manage to walk it off, but most end up injuring themselves beyond repair. Of course you don’t want them to suffer, but what can you do about it besides throwing in the towel on all that rub-a-dub-dub? The answer is actually pretty simple: window decals. Yup, with window decals for birds you can still bird watch without having to smear a clean spot the size of the palm of your hand while peering out furtively.


Bird Watching: Window Alert decals can help reduce bird collisionsBird Watching: Window Alert decals can help reduce bird collisions


Bird Window Decals  

The concept is similar to putting decals on your sliding glass doors to keep you, your family and your guests from doing a face plant on them whenever they’re closed. While it may seem hysterically funny on America’s Funniest Home Videos, it can actually end up busting out teeth, breaking someone’s nose, or even result in your home owner’s insurance getting a real workout. A lot of times decals only need to be applied to areas of glass where bird impacts occur with the most frequency.

Bird-Friendly Glass Applications

In addition to decals, UV films, die-cast patterns and tapes are available for retrofitting exterior glass windowpanes. Some of them are designed to last up to 10 years. If applied with an eye toward aesthetics, many of these bird-friendly window treatments can be architecturally pleasing with little loss of visibility. Tinted screens also help, but most people only have screens on the lower half of their windows over the sections that open. Etched glass is another solution to birds careening into your windows, and that too can be quite pleasing to the eye without affecting your light.


Window Decals With Kamikaze Birds In Mind: Reduce bird collisions with decals and UV filmsWindow Decals With Kamikaze Birds In Mind: Reduce bird collisions with decals and UV films


Replacing Windows

If you’re thinking about replacing the windows in your home anyways with more energy efficient models, consider getting something called fritted glass. Fritted glass is merely conventional glass with baked-on ceramic patterns, and it’s been known to effectively reduce bird collisions. Patterns on fritted glass can vary from dots, to stripes, to any other shape, but striped patterns seem be most effective. If you can find it, look for glass with fritting applied to the exterior face of the outer pane that is exposed to the weather.

Home Improvement

If you want to deter bird strikes with decals or films, try any of the home improvement stores for products specifically designed for the task. Another place you can try is Amazon. They carry inexpensive products called Window Alerts with attractive designs such as butterflies, humming birds and various foliage patterns like maple leafs. They’re highly reflective and said to help reduce bird-window accidents. Place them in areas where you’re experiencing the most problems and see how well they work for you.

If not, you can try any of the above-mentioned DIY solutions with materials available at your local craft stores and home improvement centers for getting the job done.

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