Wine Yoke Offers Hands Free Party Time


Hosting a party can be a blast- great friends, lots of laughs and, of course, some good wine (or maybe wine from a box- whatever).  Seriously, it’s pretty much non-stop fun, except for the fact that you constantly lose your wine glass because you’re so busy answering the door or pouring drinks for your guests or serving appies or nibbling on your own appies, etc, etc, etc. The point is that you never really get to enjoy your own glass of vino because you never have a free hand. Well, hosts and hostesses rejoice! The Wine Yoke wine glass holder is here to save the day!



This sling shot looking contraption offers a wine glass wearing experience. The Wine Yoke is made up of a lanyard that fits around the user’s neck and an attachable rubber clip that holds the wine glass stem. Due to the rubbery nature of the base, the Wine Yoke can accommodate many different sizes of stemware.


Use it at your own party; take it to other people’s get-togethers, or bring it along on a wine tasting tour. While it may be a bit of an unusual fashion statement, you can bet once the food comes out everyone else will be wishing they had one too. Just be sure to pop a wine glass in the holder as soon as possible or people may get the idea they're at a kinkier party than they expected. Read what others think of the Wine Yoke or pick one up here.

Source: Wine Yoke

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