10 "Character" Wine Bottle Holders, For Better Or Worse


Many a teacher and many a golfer have received their share of figurines that artistically depict a likeness of them "being a teacher" or "being a golfer."  But the standing figurines as well as the Christmas-tree ornament figurines are less popular than they used to be....

Not to worry; the market doesn't leave voids, remember?  Wine bottle holder figurines are in now;  alas, figurines have a purpose in life!  Problem is, you still need to figure out whether your recipient will reward the bottle holder with a position in the kitchen, dining room, or nearby landfill. (Take this as a warning of what's ahead!)


1. The Golfer Metal-Sculptured Wine Bottle Holder

Instead of another mass-produced pottery goofy golfer figurine, here's the Golfer Putting With Caddy Wine Bottle Holder, one of the extensive collection of H&K Scuptures, that are European hand-crafted specifically to reflect the American lifestyle and sense of humor.  There are dozens and dozens of professional, recreational, and lifestyle-matched sculptures of figures you will recognize among your friends at Amazon.com.




2.   Yoga Lover Hand-Carved Wooden Wine Bottle Holder

The female form in yoga posture is a Really Good Wine Bottle Holder, hand-carved of suar wood, a naturally environmentally friendly wood that comes from the suar tree found in the tropics.  Use your own wine judgement when giving the Yoga Lover as a gift!  More yoga lover hand-carved figurines are available at Natasha's Cafe.




3. Motorcycle Lover Resin-Cast Wine Bottle Holder

The Harley Style Motorcycle Wine Bottle Holder is made with cold-cast resin and no recipient will mistake it for a Honda!




 4.  Cook/Chef Pottery Wine Bottle & Wine Glass Holder

The Fat Chef Wine Bottle and Wine Glass Holder comes with two brandy glasses to give your recipient an excuse to celebrate on-the-spot.  The Fat Chef's wine bottle holder is in the back of the figurine and is retractable when not in use.  This multi-tasking figurine can hold a variety of kitchen tools, like salad tossers or spatulas, in place of the wine glasses.  Matching Fat Chef pieces are available here.




5. The Hunter's Resin-Cast Wine Bottle Holder

The Rivers Edge Hand Painted Duck Wine Bottle Holder is versatile enough to accommodate nearly any bottled beverage, so beer and bourbon are acceptable companion gifts.  The Duck Wine Bottle Holder is one of several hunted and fished wildlife species available in bottle-holder form by Rivers Edge.





6. The Nostalgic Plantation Owner's Wine Bottle Holder

Remember, I warned you....  Black Americana Mammy Southern Maid Wine Bottle Holder




7. . The Bicycle Lover's Metal Wine Bottle Holder

A tricycle built for exactly one bottle of wine for a history buff or bicycle enthusiast.  Metal-work with black finish.




8. The Farmer Pottery Wine Bottle Holder

Cast in resin, the Jean Florent The Pig Wine Bottle Holder is said to be "smiling," but I'm not convinced! In any case, he could certainly stand on his own.





9. The Race Car Lover's Metal Wine Bottle Holder

This Classic Race Car Wine Bottle Holder is an import, but unique enough to demand consideration as a gift for your favorite automobile enthusiast.  Hand-crafted metal.




10.  The Lovers Steel Sculptured Wine Bottle Holders

Whether there's a wedding in the offing, or it's just a celebration of a couple's Christmas together, these Bride & Groom Wine Bottle Holders go hand in hand. They're even made by hand-cutters, welders, and benders to meet the artist's (Guenter Scholz) steely specifications!



The Teacher Wine Bottle Holder, pictured at the beginning of the article can be found at Amazon.com. If you're looking for hundreds of other characters, you'll find many of them by following the links above! 



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