Wine Company Blank Bottle Caters To The Adventurous Wine Taster

Blank Bottle is a unique wine distributor for adventurous wine drinkers. With the wine distributed by Blank Bottle, it's not about what's on the label, it's about the wine that appears in your glass.

Blank Bottle accepts orders for 10 bottles and more directly from the consumer only, and while it is possible to order based on the wine blends of the bottles, once they appear, you have no idea which wine's which, so the only judgment you make is based on your own personal taste and senses rather than the price, vintage, region or cultivator.

You don't need to be totally kept in the dark with Blank Bottle, you may not know what you're drinking when you pop the cork, but you can check the details of your wine bottle online by searching for it using its unique Batch Name for the big reveal.

This is one business perfectly suited for the adventurous wine drinker, and it might be on the right track for a new trend in commerce!

Jun 20, 2009
by Anonymous

Boy some way to find best wines

Radical for Wine Tasting party alone.

Markets for:

Cruise Lines
Resturant chains.
Home Use.
B&B Inn?

Now add Naked Wines & Blank Wine, for some wild Wine Tasting fete.

Urge testing in CA Wine Region, CA State.