Wine Glass Neckace: The Perfect Holiday Party Accessory

For the holiday season, all women are in search of the perfect outfit to wear to Christmas parties or to ring in the New Year. Accessories play a big role in their fashionable selections as well, but this year the must have accessory isn't one you'd expect, but it is one you'd need!

Wine Glass NecklaceWine Glass Necklace

You know when you're at a party juggling handshakes, two cheek kisses and trying to steal as many of the good appetizers off the waiter's trays as they pass and it becomes hard when you have your hands full with a drink? Well, instead of putting your wine at risk of suicide, you can pick up this funky wine glass necklace that will help you keep your wine secure, even if you need a hands-free moment. It also provides a bit of extra stability if you've had a few oo many and can't quite seem to keep your glass from sploshing. Hey, it may not be the most fashionable, but we're talking about wine here. If there's anything you should be sacrificing for, it's a great glass of cab.