The Wine Handbag: Drinking Just Got A Lot More Stylish

Strutting down the street with an open wine bottle is usually something associated more with local alleyway residents than stylish sophisticated women. Well that is all about to change...probably. The Exceptional Wine Company have seemingly asked themselves the question racing through everyone's mind on a daily basis - what can we import which combines two girly favorites, namely good wine and high fashion? The result of this bizarre question is the Wine Handbag. Intrigued? I thought as much!

The Exceptional Wine Company is calling out to the effortlessly stylish and sublimely chic women of the world to throw down their Louis Vuitton's and say goodbye to Prada, because there is a new bag in town. This glamorization of the bottle in a paper bag may mean that women everywhere can now combine a stylish handbag with a stiff drink. A result of collaboration between Takis Soldatos, Oenoforos and Sofia Blomberg, this product has already stocked its award cabinet, with 'Most Innovative' at the Carton awards 2010 and Gold in the Penta awards 2010. 

Is it a handbag? Is it a wine dispenser? It's both!Is it a handbag? Is it a wine dispenser? It's both!

All of us know that a woman's best friend is her handbag, often closely followed by a stiff glass of Chardonnay. So what a brilliant idea to combine the two. No? Well, errrrrrrrrrr. Although I am not female (the last time I checked), it is hard to see how any stylish woman about town would be seen dead with a wine dispenser/purse hybrid.

Appearance aside, nobody could blame you for thinking that, with its gimicky approach to combining alcohol and style, the creators of the wine handbag may have negelcted the wonder juice inside the bottle itself. This is true to an extent, with the architects behind the bag bragging about the 'up and coming region' from which the wine hails.Translation? The wine is not very good but the company have a relatively savvy marketing team.

The Wine Handbag: a glass half fulll approachThe Wine Handbag: a glass half fulll approach

In conlcuding, this product is what it is - a fun gimicky bag which the odd woman may carry around for a bit to get laughs from her friends. Although innovative and fresh, it is easy to see why The Exceptional Wine Company is the sole UK importer.

With this said, there may well be millions of women out there eager to surprise their friends with an impromptu bottle of the grape's gift to earth. If this sounds like you then why not check out the details and prices here.