Wine Glass Holders That Glow While You Do!

Evenings are great times for summer picnics and yard parties. After the sun goes down, the air is cooler, stars come out, and it's time to kick back a little. The British, who take every advantage of good weather to get outside, have come up with a way to get tipsy without tipping their wine glasses in the dark.

Find your wine while you dine. Yes, wine is healthy for grass, but it's a bit of a pricey way to fertilize. So, these little devils, the Hands-Free Glow In The Dark Wine Glass Holders, were developed to keep your stemmed glasses from spilling their precious contents on the grass, or sand, or dirt while you are eating, chatting with your sweetheart, or watching the stars.

Place the stick portion of the Hands-Free Wine Glass Holder into the ground as far as you need to leave clearance for your glass, and then just slip your champagne or wine glass into the "arms" of the holders. The sweet embrace will keep your glass in place.

Selling in packs of four, for a mere £5 ($10), order now from Cocktail Equipment, so you have them before summer's over.

(There are more elegant glass holders that stick into the ground. Just be aware that, in the case of wine glass holders, elegant doesn't necessarily mean effective.)

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Jun 3, 2008
by Anonymous


Useless = a must have!!!!