Wine-ing Goes Ultrasonic – Enter The Coolness Of Magnetic Aging

Wine coolers go portable, efficient and oh-so-sleek with the WAVE Ultra Sonic Wine Ager and Refrigerator from Mika Yamamato.


Sure, it’s a mouthful to say, but it may just result in you getting the best and tastiest wine that you’ve ever had.


Current wine refrigeration systems fall into two categories – expensive, cavernous cellars where thousands of dusty bottles reside, and cheaper electronic systems that often result in spoiled wine and limited supply.


Using energy-efficient techniques and with an eye for slick detail and modern touches, Mika went ahead and developed the WAVE, which has as its focus the need to never open the door until you’re sure the wine you want is the temperate and age you want.


Age, you say? Oh yes.


A large component of the WAVE system are the ultra sonic waves that it emits from the inner walls, causing the wine to age more quickly than it would on its own. Add to this a magnetic refrigeration system which allows the user to exactly specific the temperate they’d like their wine to age at, and you’ve already got a technological package that has some serious clout.


Not one to ignore style in favor of substance, Mika has designed the WAVE to fit easily in small spaces, with a side-by-side stacking design, fully touch screen door and multiple LED indicators.


Without opening the door to the cooler, wine connoisseurs can adjust the temperature and aging of their wine, and can see the condition of each bottle using RFID technology. A colored circle graphic on the front of the door indicates how “aged” the wine is, with a crimson or purple circle indicating you should drink it all down and a tinted one meaning it’s time to pour that red down the drain.

 This door: is not simply a door.This door: is not simply a door. 

The WAVE supposedly cuts down carbon emissions and electricity use, but the ultrasonic technology is not exactly laid out in a straight line for users to view and easily understand. Still, the WAVE is beautiful to look at, has features that most wine snobs would kill (or slightly maim) for, and even includes the ability to display pictures and text on-door describing the nature and history of the wine inside.


Sure, it’s not in production yet, but the WAVE has the potential for a long and wine-y future if the right manufacturer picks it up.


The WAVE – sounds great, looks better. Ultra!


Source: Yanko Design