Winkers: Novelty Winking Jeans Use Your Assets

Some of the most innovative novelty fashions combine the body's natural movements with strategically placed designs on the clothing. This design is a little bit cool, but also slightly dirty.

Winking JeansWinking Jeans

The winking jeans use the folds at the bottom of the butt to make the strategically placed eye graphics wink. Naturally, this was a design of a man who thought it would be a great idea while starting at the rear of women who passed by on the streets. That's the dirty part, and what adds to it further is the fact that the designer of this strange fashion is a retired father and grandfather of 7.

The winking jeans aren't for sale yet, but there's no doubting a novelty fashion retail outlet will pick them up!


Sep 8, 2009
by Anonymous

Novelty Winking Jeans

We think your idea of the Winking Jeans is pretty cool and would like the opportunity to market them here in South Africa