Winscape Software Allows Users To Wake Up Someplace Different Each Morning Without Ever Leaving Home

Winscape Virtual Windows: Wake up someplace different tomorrow morningWinscape Virtual Windows: Wake up someplace different tomorrow morning


Tired of waking up to the same old view and scenery every morning? Ever wish you could just travel the world and be on permanent vacation? Well, you may not be able to wing off to a new destination every day, but with a product known as Winscape it can feel as if you have. Winscape is a totally cool setup consisting of two flat screen TVs framed in to look like windows and custom software that provides not only different scenic views but with tracking ability so that as you physically shift your position the image shifts with your perspective. You’ve got to see this to believe it.

Winscape Hardware

By taking two 46-inch Panasonic TC-P46G10 plasma screens fed by an Apple Mac Pro workstation and hanging them vertically on a wall side by side and then framing them in with trim, the outcome is what appears to be two windows. But they're actually virtual windows. You can do this on your own HD TV if you’ve got a Mac attached to it by running the Winscape software with one or more of their scenery movies. The software is actually free to try and will work with any movie located in your Movies folder. Customers interested in doing their own custom installs can do it with an easy-to-follow tutorial provided by the company.

Winscape Software

The Mac workstation is located in an adjacent room and runs custom OS X software called Winscape. By using the displays’ physical layout parameters, the software renders the proper portions of the video to fill the displays using Quicktime and OpenGL. A device known as a Kinect sensor reports the position of the people in the room, and the software uses this tracking information to shift the view for the individual closest to the Winscape. The result is amazing with the sensation being totally realistic. There are Sleep, Wake, and Scene selection modes that can be controlled by a web page served by the software or by a remote iOS app.

Moving vs. Stationary Views

It’s the ability to view the image or scenery from this shifting perspective that makes the whole setup so awesome. It’s not like looking at a static painting or a photograph, which makes the entire experience that much more real and believable. You actually have to see it to believe it. Winscape is able to simulate that effect by knowing the location of the viewer’s head in relation to the Winscape displays through the Kinect tracking sensor. It’s important to note that the effect will only look correct to the person being tracked in the room, so if you’re showing it off let folks take it one at a time.

Marketing Applications

Among the frequently asked questions concerning Winscape is “Can I use Winscape software to market my product to people walking past a display?” The answer is yes. Rational Craft has built the Winscape Marketeer application specifically for marketing to passersby using a more aggressive Kinect driver in order to lock onto users sooner than the home application. The overall effect is that the change in window perspective catches the eye more quickly to “begin a short interactive session with the viewer.” For a marketing application it’s similar to using rear projection film for really grabbing people’s attention and standing out from the competition. For more about this product, go to Winscape’s website.