Winter Wear Innovation: Fuel Wear’s Flame Base Layer

Winter's icy breath is just around the corner  and with it comes all the usual cumbersome paraphernalia; namely, gloves, boots, mufflers, sweaters, hats and heavy coats. But what  if things could be different this year  and all you needed  to stay warm while outside was a specially equipped shirt and a special battery? Meet the Flame Base Layer heating system from the Toronto-based  start-up, Fuel Wear.

How does the Flame Base Layer heating system work?

Winter wearables may keep us warm, but for the most part, they are not "smart" in the technological sense. This heated base layer is washable in cold water with detergent or shampoo and made from a very comfortable bamboo fabric. It has the unique capability of sensing when the body needs more heat and when it needs to cool down. If the wrearer is cold, it provides warmth. It also automatically turns itself off once the wearer is sufficiently warmed.


The Flame Base Layer: front and back views: Source: damngeeky.comThe Flame Base Layer: front and back views: Source:


The process is facilitated via three red heating elements, whch are panels that have been inserted into the fabric; two in the back and one in the front. These panels promote blood circulation and keep the body warm aided by 'smart' temperature sensing, the fact that they are washable and a battery level indicator. Additionally the Flame Base Layer is equipped with anti-odor capabilities.

The power of technology

The engineers at Fuel Wear have designed the first intelligent heated base layer ever created. The self-heating shirt, which makes it possibe to shed layers of clothing during winter outdoor activities, is an enormous convenience to sports enthusiasts and others as well. Technological advances that didn't exist even five years ago have made the creation of the self-heating shirt and other apparel with diverse capabilities possible. Batteries have gone through as many changes that have extended their uses as any other product known to the modern world. The advances have allowed the creation of these special panels that increase body temperature by 10 degrees Celsius fro three hours at a time or if utilized in smaller amounts, for longer periods.

The wearer can set the desired body temperature and shut it off when things are getting too warm. Some may like it hot, as the title of that classic, hysterically funny film of the 1960s suggests, but most of us prefer comfort when enjoying the great outdoors during the colder months of the year. The Flame Base Layer makes all that possible.

Funding for the battery-powered Flame Base Layer

Efforts for funding  have been very successful. The original goal of $20,000 for the Flame Base Layer has already been surpassed twice on Indiegogo, the world's most established crowdfunding platform. Currently, the prototype is not on the market but the shirts can be pre-ordered at Fuel Wear for a discounted price. Althought these shirts are only for men, Gruven, a Canadian sportswear manufacturer, is planning to construct a protype for women in the near future.


Inspired by freezing Canadian winters, Fuel Wear and the Flame Base Layer are making their presence known in the fashion/technology marketplace  of today. Check them out and consider this amazing shirt as a must-have for your next cold weather adventure . Get it now whle you can still pre-order.

 Keep warm and happy.

Final thoughts about winter cold:

A lot of people like snow. I find it to be a unnecessary freezing of water. ~ Carl Reiner


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