Winter Ear Flaps With Earphones To Go!

Are you going hatless in this 20 degree weather, just so you don't get your earphones stuck in your cap? Well, you know Bula®, right? You need to get a Bula Lex Earphone Hat before your mother sees you with those red ears!


The Bula Lex Earphone Hat is a cozy knit cap lined with Polartec® fleece -- hmm, the best combo -- plus, it's got fully integrated built-in headphones, so you can just plug and go! Now, how cool is that?

So, protect your ears when you're out skiing and sledding and snow boarding. What? You're just shoveling the white stuff out of your driveway? All the more reason to keep your rhythm going with some great music. Now, go get a Bula Lex Earphone Hat at before your ears fall off! (Update: This item may no longer be available. This Winter Beanie Hat With Earphones may be a good alternative.)


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Dec 21, 2008
by Anonymous

why integrated?

wouldn't it be simpler to make a hat or whatever that you can put your own headphones in without it getting stuck. Probably exist that hat version to. Seems better then having one integrated into a hat. Either a compartment for the headphones or something.

Jan 6, 2009
by Anonymous

read it

that is the dumbest comment i herd.but u are kind of write.