Japanese Cellphone Charm Soothes Post-Menopausal Passions

Cellphone charms are a dime a dozen - it's an expression, don't quote me on that - but this particular one caught my eye. It's a tiny figurine of Korean media heartthrob Bae Yong-Joon, complete with trademark fluffy scarf!

Bae Yong-Joon may arouse nothing more than puzzled stares here, but in the Far East and especially Japan he arouses much, much more. The star of the mega-hit TV serial drama Winter Sonata, "Yong-sama" (meaning "Lord Yong") has struck a carnal chord in the hearts of a legion of mature Japanese women. Bae may not be thrilled that Cupid's arrow has landed in a demographic years above his own, but hey, that's show biz!


Winter SonataWinter Sonata According to Japanese psychologist Takashi Tomita, "Yong-sama is the rare type who seems to symbolize so much about pure love for middle-aged and elderly Japanese women." Yep, the old gals still have it in them - or at least wish they did! Tomita, quoted in the Mainichi News, goes on to say that "With ever-smiling Yong-sama always appearing soft, kind and gentlemanly, he's exactly what these women are imagining pure love to be." Quite a burden to carry, but at least Yong-Joon reaps what must be a handsome reward in both appearance fees and merchandising contracts. The latter are exemplified by these cool cell phone strap figures marketed by Strapya World.



"The Bae-tles"? Nope, it's the Yong-sama Cell Phone Strap Figurine!"The Bae-tles"? Nope, it's the Yong-sama Cell Phone Strap Figurine!
Now, Yong-sama's fervent fifty-ish female fans can take his ever-smiling visage everywhere they go. Strapya World's detailed figurine, sporting Yong-Joon's trademark scarf & specs, comes in 4 color-coordinated versions and costs just 1050 yen (about $9) each. Ain't love grand?

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer

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