The 'Wipe Shirt' Keeps Eyeglasses And Shirts Clean

Admit it guys, you've cleaned your eyeglasses on your shirt cuff or shirt-tail before. It may be convenient but it's not ideal: cotton or polyester isn't the best choice for a cleaning cloth and stains from dirt and oil aren't good for your shirt.

The product planners at Novelax obviously burnt the midnight oil to find an effective solution for this (actually not very serious) problem and here's what they came up with: the Wipe Shirt!

Novelax, located in downtown Tokyo's Koto-ku district, is a purveyor of a number of different fashion and accessory items, most of them purely decorative in nature. Not so the Wipe Shirt. In both the Cuff and Shirt-Tail versions, the appropriate area of a standard white dress shirt features a sewn-in microfiber pad about 2mm (about 1/12") thick. The pad is said to feel like fine leather and is tinted a dark gray shade.

Should you feel the need to clean your eyeglasses, simply use the pad on the shirt's right cuff or (if you want to be more dramatic) yank out the left shirt-tail and rub away to your heart's content. If this sounds a little weird, well, it is. You can also walk around with the Wipe Shirt un-tucked... in Tokyo at least, no one will give you a second glance.

You can order your very own Wipe Shirt(s) direct from Novelax on their online store. Cost is 13,650 yen (about $151.50) each, tax included. (via Gigazine)