Wireless Home Security Camera Runs On Solar Power, Helps Keep Burglars At Bay

Ring Stick Up Cam for Home Security Includes Solar Option: 'Smart' home security devices are going greenRing Stick Up Cam for Home Security Includes Solar Option: 'Smart' home security devices are going green


The innovations in home security options are seemingly endless. Many of them focus on “smart” technology. Smart homes allow consumers to monitor and control their environments with swipes and taps from nearly anywhere, as long as they have an Internet connection. Fortunately, the competition from companies vying for a larger share of the smart pie is helping to drive down costs in connection to convenience and security. For example, the Ring Video Doorbell is a smart device with motion sensors that activate a recorder while alerting you whenever someone rings the bell or sets foot on your property.

Ring Smart Security Devices

The product allows you to answer the visitor while giving them the impression you’re somewhere else in the home and just too busy to be bothered to come out and greet them personally. The quality of the video is beyond compare to the grainy footage most businesses end up with with their high-dollar security systems. Now, Ring has come up with another outdoor security item to compliment the doorbell device. It’s the Ring Stick Up Cam, and it’s a wireless security camera that can be run on solar power that you can stick up anywhere on your property.

Ring Stick Up Cam

While the Ring Video Doorbell may have your front or side porch covered, depending on where you install it, the rest of your home’s exterior is left floundering on its own if you don’t set up motion sensors attached to lights or cameras. Those extra security precautions usually entail some sort of wiring in order to operate. Not so with the Ring Stick Up Cams, if you choose. That’s because the cameras can function on an optional solar panel and your personal Wi-Fi. Set up and installation is said to be easy, and most of the tools you’ll need are included in the box, including a drill bit and screwdriver.

Green Security Systems

According to Ring, the battery included in the Stick Up Cam should last somewhere between six and 12 months on just one single charge, but this depends largely on activity and use from the Live View feature. If you prefer, users of the Stick Up can give the units constant power through the use of Micro USB cables and a smartphone charger. It’s that or the solar panel to provide consistent power. If you choose the solar route, the panel — which, by the way, is extra — comes with a 5-foot Micro USB cable and a weather-resistant sleeve for protection of the charging port when it’s connected to the camera.

Going Green

There are far more options for going green than ever before. As older inventions get tweaks and upgrades through technological advances to become fresh, innovative ideas that change how we do things, we’re finding far more opportunities for reducing our carbon footprint and possibly leaving the world in a slightly better state than we found it. Solar has come a long way and is finally becoming practical for the masses. If you’re still not sure, consider the race for improving storage batteries used in connection with the alternative energy source as proof of the strong potential and promise science sees in the technology for our future.


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