Wireless Audeo: What Could Be More Kleer® Than Sennheiser®?

photo by Ryan Mckenney, Amazon customerphoto by Ryan Mckenney, Amazon customer Here's a plug for the iPod: it's incredibly durable!  I know that because my earphone wires are always catching on something and, as I unknowingly pull away from that something, my iPod is pulled out of my pocket and smacking the tile floor or the concrete pavement. And, in the last four weeks, a wired mike and an audio/mike headset attached to my computer were totalled when my dog got caught in the wires and, confused, ran away, pulling the wires right out of the devices!

I need a wireless headset!

I was super impressed when I checked out two Sennheiser wireless headphones the other day in one of the audeo equipment stores. Wow! I've always been faithful to Sony headphones, but I have to say that I was an audeo novice until I hit the Sennheisers.

And then I tried  the Sennheiser MX W1 Wireless Earbuds and I was totally wowed! They use Kleer CD-quality sound technology in the most comfortable 'twist to fit' buds you can imagine; they weight less than 1/2 ounce each!



The salesman plugged the Sennheiser MX W1 Earbuds transmitter into my iPod, and I nearly flipped.  The sound was so crisp and the stereo balance was perfectly "Kleer" and clean.  Great bass, without having to turn on a bass switch, and the purity of the sound was outstanding.  

 Then, I got plugged into the stereo sound system of a TV and walked around the store.  With all the electronic interference, I really didn't expect a good sound signal, but I was wrong.  There was no interference at all and, as I listened to the Lakers/Magic game, I watched it from across the store thinking 'Boy, the sound is better than my own stereo speakers!"






Here are some of the awesome features of the Earbuds:

  • MX W1 transmits uncompressed audio over a robust 2.4 GHz digital link enabling you to enjoy your music without the hassles of cords
  • Dynamic transducer systems with powerful neodymium magnets deliver clear and detailed audio reproduction
  • Sennheiser’s “Twist-to-fit” system and comfortable earpads allow for an optimum fit
  • Kleer’s uncompressed digital wireless audio transmission
  • No set-up required – just plug and play. Simply fix on the transmitter to your personal audio/video player, put on the earphones and turn it on!
  • Transmitter with multi-receiver capability, enabling two people to listen to the same audio source
  • Carrying case with quick-charge function for up to three full recharges while ‘on the move’
  • Multi-country power adaptor included

No, you can't use the Earbuds for cell or land-line phones because they have no speakers, but you can use them for VOIP calls or to listen to movies and watch videos on your iPhones. (And your dogs can't get messed up in the wires.)

If you have $500, go for it: Sennheiser MX W1 Wireless Earbuds. These babies come with a 2 year warranty, which is far more insurance than any other headphones out there are offering.  If you don't have the bucks, the Sennheiser's wireless headphones give superb sound, and are much less expensive. (Hey! Father's Day is coming up!)  There's a great selection on Amazon.com.