Wireless Bluetooth Receivers Give Future Tech A Natural Look

Bluetooth wireless devices have come in a for their share of abuse from social commentators, not so much for their capabilities but for the attitudes of many of those who use them.

You know the type: sauntering down the supermarket aisle, Bluetooth adapter clipped Borg-like to their ear, carrying on animated conversations seemingly with themselves - but dare to look at them and they respond with a withering "What the hell are YOU starin' at?!" glare that would do Duckman proud. A little advice... don't be that guy. Or gal. Douchiness knows no gender.

In any case, there are ways to avoid the dreaded Bluetooth Douchebag From The Future syndrome, and NGanu has got a good one: wireless Bluetooth receivers that sport a natural, eco-friendly look. They don't even clip onto your ear, instead swinging gracefully from a leather cord pendant strap like an oversized dog tag. The style is timeless - King Tut could wear one without attracting any extra attention, let alone the dreaded D-word.

Select from Dark Wood, Light Wood or Mirror facings - the face displays a typical TokyoFlash digital watch that might take a bit of getting used to, but at least it looks great. An LED hidden inside the body of the device shines up through the thin facing, illuminating the digits.

As for tech features, the receiver includes a built-in microphone and speaker allowing it to be paired with a Bluetooth cell phone. Simply plug in your earbuds or headphones to hear your incoming calls in private. You can also connect the receiver to your PC or laptop to make/take Skype calls. Cool... but not overly so, and that's the whole point.