Wireless Gadget Charging Is (Nearly) Here

Charging our gadgets is a tedious task, as during charging we are bounded to let them sit in the same place and we cannot move that much with them. Nowadays we already heave some cable-free chargers, like the one from the image below, but they work through induction (much like the induction stoves), meaning that physical contact is required.

But what if there was a way of charging our phones much like the same way we access Wi-Fi Internet? It seems a blast from the future, but in fact such technology is closer than we might think: an Israeli startup is developing wireless mobile chargers that use infrared light.

The startup, named Wi-Charge, has been working since 2010 on this technology. Putting things in a simple perspective, it uses infrared radiation to transmit energy which is then converted by a photovoltaic cell in the receiving device - so, in a way, this is very much like the Wi-Fi we use nowadays.

The transmitters developed so far cover an area of 50 square meters, but developers hope to cover larger areas by developing new and improved transmitters in the future. Supposedly, charging your phone with this method takes roughly the same time as it would take the normal way, which is something clearly in favor of the technology being developed by Wi-Charge.

The receiver put on the device is small - the size of a mobile camera, developers say. There are also no health risks whatsoever, because the transmission only occurs between the transmitter and the receivers.

In the video above you can watch a demo of the Wi-Charge's new technology. For the moment it is still under development with a few prototypes made, though the developers expect to launch their first products in a time span of 12 to 18 months from now.

These are exciting news, as this technology seems very handy for us and will surely spread in public places and households. What do you think about this technology? Let us know in the comments.