Wireless Motion Sensor Lighting Is Ugly

Forgive me for being so bold.  I love the new wireless motion sensor lights.  They save a ton of energy and who wants to play electrician anyway?  But these gadgets are all made for closets and garages, not for living areas... except for the Indoor Wireless LED Wall Sconce.

It has several things going for it in addition to energy savings and my inability to screw up its installation. It may not be the brightest lamp in your living area, but it is bright for a lamp that is not electric-powered.  The LED lamps are comparable to a 25 Watt incandescent light, so they are suited for a hallway or small recess in a large room. 

Most motion sensitive lights are not covered, but the LED Wall Sconce has an eclectically acceptable cover so it can be set up in areas where it might be considered tacky to hang a bare bulb.  The 4 D-size batteries required to light the unit have a life span of about 120 hours, which speaks to the efficiency of the LED's. 

The motion sensor will turn the light on when it senses motion, but you can set it to turn off when you like... two, three hours, or just a few minutes. You can also turn off the Wall Sconce manually. 

While there is no wiring required, there is some installation and the Indoor Wireless LED Wall Sconce comes with the necessary hardware for mounting. At REWilliams.