Withings Activité Is An Activity Tracker Disguised As A Designer Watch

Withings ActivitéWithings Activité

When shopping around for an activity tracker, you won't find too many that are designed for function and elegance. In fact, the Withings Activité may be the only activity tracker you'll find that is disguised as a designer watch.

Withings Activité AppWithings Activité App

The Withings Activité offers what any other activity tracker offers--activity monitoring, sleep monitoring, and an app that keeps track of your progress. With the activity monitoring, you can keep track of steps taken, running stats and swimming strokes. The sleep monitoring feature monitors your sleep, of course, but also wakes you with a gentle vibration. Finally, the Health Mate App connects your Withings Activité to your device and lets you track your progress. 

Withings Activité WaterproofWithings Activité Waterproof

The Withings Activité is also waterproof, inables you to customize your daily objectives and features responsive glass, which reacts to tapping (tap twice to check your alarm clock). There are two models of the  Withings Activité, and neither needs to be recharged. They work with a CR2025 button cell and last an entire year.

Of course, all of these technical specifications are nice and just what you need in an activity tracker, but what makes the Withings Activité special is its design. Activité is entirely Swiss made and introduces the Swiss Made Connected Movement, which insures precision and lasting accuracy. The design itself pays tribute to French artisans. Withings, in collaboration with the Haas tannerie, in France, developed a unique leather strap, notable for its smoothness. 

The Withings Activité hasn't yet hit the market, but it is slated to do so in the Fall. You can get notifications and find out more information on the Withings website