WobBally Tower Takes Balancing Balls To New Heights

The name of the game is WobBally, and the object is to not be the one that sends the balls tumbling to the table.

Meant for ages 5 and up, WobBally is a new twist on classic tower games. Using 98 balls on multiple levels, players start by creating a free standing and none-too-stable tower that is ready for some serious gaming action. Once the tower is up and standing, families have a number of choices in how they want to play WobBally, all leading to moments of pure nervousness and an adrenaline-fueled tower crash.

The simplest way to play is to use the included poking stick to knock out a ball of the player's choice into the hollow middle of the tower. Play proceeds around in a circle until one player makes a mistake and the tower comes crashing down. The second way is to use one of the two dice included with the game; either the colored or numbered version.

If using the colored dice, a player must knock out a ball of the corresponding roll color on their turn. If using the numbered dice, a player must knock a ball out from the level in the tower that matches the number on the die. In the hardest version of the game both dice are used, meaning that a player must knock out both a specific color and from a specific ring, making it a far more challenging endeavor.


The game requires skill and a steady hand and so is not recommended for children under five. As well, families would do well to be prepared for a scattering of balls and may wish to do what they can to prevent lost game pieces by placing a cookie sheet or tray under the WobBally tower in order to keep all the balls in one place.

For less than $25 at Amazon, the WobBally is a great family game that requires minimal setup and is a whole lot of fun.

Source: Scholar's Choice 

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