The Wobbly DEWS Toothbrush Won't Fall Over


Why is it that everything to do with kids and toothbrushes is a challenge?  Getting them to brush their teeth is a struggle, getting them to do it properly is a huge effort and getting them to keep their toothbrush clean is practically an impossibility, especially when you are dealing with really young kids.  If things work out with the DEWS concept though, some of these oral hygiene issues may become a thing of the past.



The DEWS toothbrush design features a rounded, wobbly doll-like handle base that tapers in towards the brush end.  The bottom of the handle contains a small weight so that the brush always stands upright when rested on a surface.  Between the fun, wobbly action and the fact that the brush end stays off of dirty surfaces, this toothbrush would kill two birds with one stone when it comes to kids.  It would hopefully get them interested in brushing and would also help keep their brush clean.  I think that many adults would find this brush a lot of fun too.



I hope that this design becomes a reality very soon because we could really use it around our house.



Oct 5, 2010
by Kim Patterson

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