Wocka Wocka, Pac Man Comes Back With A Vintage Vengence

Everyone loves Pac Man - or more accurately, loves chasing those damn ghosts around while chomping up their fill of pellets. Now, you can enjoy classic Pac Man in your living room - with a full-sized stand up Pac Man machine. Yessssss.

For almost thirty years, this yellow "almost circle" has captured the hearts and quarters of kids everywhere. He's been in arcades, on video game consoles, and in every iteration of shareware known to man. Now, thanks to manufacturer Namco - designers of the original Pac Man game - and Hammacher Schlemmer, you too can have a full-sized arcade version of this classic to play any time of the day or night.

All of the much-loved details are here, from the lighted marquee, four-way joystick and buttons, and speakers pumping out "wocka-wocka" with each chomp forward. About the only thing that is different between the updated version and those played in the arcade oh so many years ago is the fact that the coin door on the front is merely a decal instead of an actual eater of metal money. While it would be great to charge friends and family 25% of a dollar to enjoy this retro flashback and recoup a portion of the price ($3000), Namco decided to simply make it a free play for everyone.

We know - you don't really need a Pac Man machine in your house.

Did we mention it also comes with Ms. Pac Man, Speedy Pac Man, and Rapid Fire Galaga?

Sorry, sorry - you don't need a Pac Man machine in your house. Just because it's a perfect replica of the original game, right down to every sight and sound, doesn't mean that you should in any way desire to...purchase it...enshrine it...play it all the damn time.



The retro-future Pac Man is available here if you've got the pellets to spend.