Women More Likely To Check Up On Exes Online

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter - Which do you use to stalk?Facebook, MySpace, Twitter - Which do you use to stalk?

How many of you have tried searching on the Internet for information about someone? Have you ever ‘Googled’ a person? If you know what ‘Googling’ someone means, then you probably have. While many of us have done this before, a new study says that women are more likely than men to stalk their exes online.

Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are the most commonly used methods for women to check out what their ex lovers are up to. Sixty-two percent of women admitted that they have looked online for information about a former partner.

Out of a study of 1,700 people, 57 percent said they were curious about an ex, while 21 percent admitted it was because of jealousy.

“Curiosity is an interesting thing, it is human nature to investigate,” said Steffen Ruehl, of yasni.co.uk. Ruehl conducted the research. “It can make people search for people they may dislike, or people they have had personal relationships with in the past. The only way to ensure people do not access personal information about your life is to ensure that social network profiles are set to private and that any information about yourself online is hidden or deleted.”

I admit it. I’ve looked for exes and old friends online to see what they were up to. Some of it was jealousy, but some of it was curiosity, mostly hoping that their lives turned out worse than mine. And yes, I also Google potential dates before I go out with them.

Have you ever ‘Googled’ someone before?


Source: Newslite

Feb 20, 2009
by Anonymous

where did you get that stat?

Hi - I'm curious where this data came from. Can you cite your source?