For Women Only: The P Tracker iPod App

I have always been too lazy to mark off the dates and cross out the days in my calendar when it comes to tracking my monthly period. It's not that I don't know how to; it's just that I always lose track of it especially when things at work and in my life get busy. So when an app called the P Tracker came along for the iPhone and iPod Touch that could do all this for me, I immediately got it and I'm glad I did. I always carry my iPod Touch with me versus my calendar so it made more sense to have an app that would help me keep track of it rather than carry around a pocket calendar that I always seemed to misplace.

The App

Basically, the P Tracker is what its name says it is: a period tracker. The app's icon is a bright pink flower and the app itself is no nonsense yet girly at the game time. When you first open the app, you have the option of setting a passcode so that not just anyone can get into the P Tracker and view your (private) history of sorts without your consent.

With the P Tracker, you can enter when your period started and when it ended. From that, the app will automatically calculate and estimate the date when your next period will start. There's a calendar view that will show you the dates of your period and the estimated dates of your ovulation and when you are most fertile.

You can add notes to the days in the calendar to document how you're feeling or note down any strange symptoms that you might feel prior, during, or after your period. P Tracker also lets you indicate your current moods and any pre-menstrual symptoms that you might experience from a long list with quirky graphics and with a sliding scale to determine the extent of the symptoms you experienced.

The Good

As a woman myself, I love the app and find it really useful, especially when I'm on the go and just need to do a quick check on when I should expect my period. I also don't really have time to keep marking my calendars with circles and exes so it was perfect for me. Another plus for me with regards to P Tracker was that it was just so darned pretty to look at. I love the pastel colors and I loved the different themes that came with the app. I also liked that you could set the app to notify you of your period or of your ovulation dates if you want it to as a reminder.

P Tracker also has a feature that will display a chart or graph of your current period that shows you the average days of your cycle as well as track your symptoms, moods, and weight during the entire time. 

The Bad

The only negative thing that I can say about the P Tracker is that the moods it listed down are way too many to be useful. Plus there are a lot that are quite similar to each other and taking the time to hunt down different moods is well, not a very practical thing to do, except if you do have some free time set aside while you're tinkering with the app. 

The Verdict

If you're a woman who wants to keep track of her period and overall health in an easy, convenient, and adorable way, then P Tracker is one app that you definitely must have.

You can get P Tracker for your iPhone or iPod Touch here: iTunes App Store.