Women’s Dream Accessory: The Purse/Shoe Hybrid

If there's anything in fashion that accessory loving women would kill for it's shoes and purses. Get ready ladies, your dreams are about to come true, because now your two favorite fashion accessories are about to collide!

Azumi and David Shoe PurseAzumi and David Shoe Purse

The Loop Handle Heel Bag by Azumi and David is a fashion hybrid, combining women's favorite fashion accessories. The high-heeled shoe comes to life in the form of a unique and fashionable handbag. It doesn't necessarily function as both a purse and a shoe, since the accessory only uses the sole of a heeled shoe, while the upper shape takes the form of a functional handbag.

We know that shoes look great as an accessory at the bottom of an outfit, but how do they function as something to be carried?


Jun 25, 2009
by Anonymous

I'm pretty sure that isn't

I'm pretty sure that isn't the first shoe purse hybrid, but does it come in any other colors?