Women’s Weird And Whimsical Fashion: The Umbrella Dress

Sometimes it's unfortunate that the most talked about fashion items only make it to a period of conceptualization and never actually hit the streets or the runways. In some cases, they've been created strictly for the purpose of chatter, where the fashion isn't the focus at all, but a manipulative marketing ploy is. Released earlier this year, there's one concept that should make it off the pages of a magazine despite its role in media manipulation.

This umbrella dress serves absolutely no real purpose, but some of the most innovative fashion items tend to have that issue (if that's the way you want to see it), so already, it's a hit. Used in an ad campaign for Orbit Mist Gum, it's fun and whimsical and is reminiscent to me of something right out of the pages of Alice and Wonderland, with confusion over what role an umbrella plays in fashion and function. Sure, it's ludicrous; and no, it won't protect your coif or your carefully made up face...but isn't it fun?

Via: Advertolog

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