Wood By The Slice: The Graypants Slice Chair

It's the Slice Chair. Once you see it, you will never forget it.

The fine slats in the body of the Slice Chair have been "sliced out" of the wood form very skillfully so that the removed wood can be used to form the chair's complement, thus forming a very modern lounge chair with ottoman.



The Slice Chair has all the elements of fine workmanship, elegant design, extraordinary planning, obsessive attention to detail, fresh-as-can-be design... and it's totally eco-friendly. (Guys, where did you put the saw dust?)

Isn't it neat that the ottoman slides out so perfectly through the slats of the Slice Chair and makes the chair totally ready for a lounge? Great sit on the veranda with a glass of Washington state Semillon.

(Check out the Graypants website and see the Scrap Chairs and Scrap Lamps -- also unbelievable!)


via Inhabitat
Thanks, Gloria!