Woofer, The Anti-Twitter Introduces Macroblogging!

Apparently anti-matter exists even though we're not sure what causes it or why? At an early age, one learned that  antidisestablishmententarism was one of the longest words in the English language! One can be anti-climatic or anti-war! And now there's even an Anti-Twitter, a macroblogging platform that allows you to write until your tweets runneth over.

Do you have a lot to say? Does Twitter frustrate the hell out of you, restricting you at every nip and turn? Is your ability to turn a phrase thwarted by a maximum number of characters? Well, my friend... than you just might want to turn to Woofer.

Except in the case Woofer which describes itself as the "Anti-Twitter," it actually has more similarities with the microblogging platform than differences. With one distinctive caveat...while Twitter limits users to a maximum 140 characters or less, Woofer requires each post to have a minimum of 1400 characters or more.

Similar to Twitter, Woofer tallies the amount of characters you have inputted, so ones knows when he or she has finally achieved their quota. Remember, you can't post anything until you hit the 1400 mark. From this it would appear that Woofer is interested in 'prolific writers' as their target market!

However when checking out some of the more presitigious 'woofers' already registered on the site,  it appears that Sarah Palin's , George W. Bush's, Quentin Tarantino's, Ryan Seacrest's and the identities of others may have been lifted and posted as bogus profiles.

Famous WoofersFamous Woofers

According to Jon Brodkin at NetworkWorld , Woofer calls itself an homage to Twitter, but to avoid any form of litigation makes sure to include disclaimers such as "We are not affiliated in any way whatsoever with Twitter."

Woofer obviously isn't meant to go toe to toe with Twitter in the microblogging world, or the "macroblogging" space for that matter. The Web site developed by Join the Company, according to Mashable, is a means to promote their other more lucrative endeavor, Shuffletime, an interactive Internet game.

Join the Company Web siteJoin the Company Web site

At the time of this posting, Woofer  had 2297 users who woofed 2741 times producing over 44,716,908 characters. That's a helluva lot of woofing going on!. Hope their server was built to withstand the sure weight of those tweets. But one has to wonder if Twitter's Fail Whale is a signal that their system often gets overloaded with 140 character tweets, how in the world is the Anti-Twitter going to be able to hold up? Or will it be like anti-matter and create one big gaping black-hole in the Woofersphere when someone decides to post the Old and New Testament of the Bible!