Woozie Keeps Your Drink Chilly And Your Fingertips Warm


It’s warming up outside and before you know it we will be sipping cool beverages on some blazing hot patio or sandy beach.  Oh those icy cold drinks; they are so refreshing on hot summer days aren’t they?  Too bad they don’t stay that way for long.  After a few minutes in the blistering sun they lose their frosty chill and their effect is not nearly as invigorating.  Sure, ice cubes can help, but they quickly turn your drink into a watery version of its former self.



I suppose that these problems were the inspiration for the Woozie.  Woozies are brightly colored neoprene wine glass insulators.  Now you can take your time enjoying a chilly beverage instead of having to slam it back before it heats up.
The Woozie also protects your fingers from getting cold and helps you to distinguish your drink from any others.  It comes in different sizes and colors and is said to stretch easily over glasses; a cord allows you to cinch it up around the stem.  Not to worry if you get a little too woozie and spill – the Woozie is completely washable.  You can buy a set of Woozies here.  

Source: Woozie.com

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