Work Out Muscle Knots, Soreness And Discomfort With RAD Mobility Products

RAD HelixRAD Helix

Whether you're training for your next marathon or just training to stay in great shape, you'll inevitably experience some muscular soreness--it comes with the territory. RAD mobility products, like the Helix or the Roller, are great tools for working out any muscular tightness and soreness you may have. 

RAD offers a few options in their line of mobility products, each designed to alleviate any stiffness or soreness you may be experiencing. The RAD line includes the Rounds, Roller, Helix, Rod and Block, and each of these has its benefits. 

RAD RoundsRAD Rounds

RAD RollerRAD Roller

The most basic of the RAD products are the Rounds. These are basically rubber balls that are used to release muscular tension and knots. When muscles are strained, they often form "knots" that keep the muscle constricted and are often painful. The RAD Rounds are great for digging into those knots and releasing your muscles.

The RAD Roller does the same thing. Essentially, this mobility tool is two connected RAD Rounds. The Roller is ideal for working your back and neck muscles along your spine. The RAD Roller comes in the original version, a softer version for those who may be more sensitive to massage and a harder version for those who want a more intense release. 

RAD BlockRAD Block

If you want to up your mobility game, the RAD Block will enhance the use of the Rounds and Roller. First, the Block gives you elevation, which helps with applying pressure to the sore or tight muscles. Second, the Block secures both the Roller and Rounds so that the pressure can be more isolated. The Block is also a means of storage for the Rounds and Roller, so that you don't have RAD rubber balls rolling all over the place. 


Not only do mobility tools help to relieve muscle soreness and release tight muscles, they help stimulate blood flow and lymph flow. This helps the body recover faster and move toxins out. The RAD Helix and Rod are great for increasing blood and lymph flow.

The Helix is similar to the Roller in that its anatomical design allows you to dig into the muscles around the spine. It's larger than the Roller, so you can work out a greater area of the body--great for big muscles like your legs and back. The Helix is also softer than the Roller, so it is a "tamer" mobility tool. 

The RAD Rod is great for those muscles you can't work because of the awkwardness that's present with rolling mobility tools--i.e. sometimes it's hard to roll out your groin. The Rod is a hand-held tool and performs much like the Helix. 

The RAD line of mobility tools is great for anyone who gets muscular soreness. You don't have to be a gym rat or an athete to benefit from the RAD products. They are wonderful tools to keep the body working and feeling good. You can even find a couple of these mobility tools on Amazon

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