Work Your Glutes With Maximus 100

Maximus 100Maximus 100

It's a book bag for your feet. No, it's a dumbbell carrying case. Nope. Maybe some sort of protective case for a cone-shaped smart device. Not even close. At first glance, you may not be able to tell that the Maximus 100 is the perfect in-home workout tool to sculpt your glutes.

Just so we're clear, the Maximus 100 isn't a book bag for your feet, but you use it like one. Just strap some dumbbells into the Maximus 100, slide your foot in and commence to doing your glute extensions and sculpting your butt. 

Working The GlutesWorking The Glutes

The weighted glute extension is a hard exercise to replicate at home. Without a machine to perform the movement with added resistance, resistance bands are usually your only alternative. The Maximus 100 changes that. You can get a great glute and hip workout, at home, with this simple piece of equipment.

The downfall of the Maximus 100 is that it lacks versatility. It was made for the glute extension, and that's pretty much all it's good for. You could switch it up and lie in a prone position and do leg curls or flip over and do leg extensions, but that's just about it. However, if you're looking to tone your glutes, it's a great tool.

Maximus 100 Holds Any DumbbellMaximus 100 Holds Any Dumbbell

The Maximus 100 will hold just about any dumbbell--from hex dumbbells to adjustable dumbbells. It holds up to 100 pounds and comes with a knee pad and instructional video. You can visit the Maximus 100 site for more information or Amazon to order one for around $70. 

Like I said, this isn't a versatile piece of equipment. It's kind of like an ab roller--made for just the one or two exercises and not much else. However, it's not a bad addition to a home gym, and it will certainly get your butt in shape...literally. 

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